High quality up to aerospace

BAK continues to support China Skynet, provides
stable and reliable electric power for Tianping-1
satellite, Trailer-1 satellite, and Jingshi-1 satellite
and other spacecraft.

Ultimate performance of
vehicle specification power

BAK’s battery products apply to all series of
vehicles, supporting diversified travel ways and
intelligent terminals with the extreme performance
of the vehicle power battery.

Energy Cell


·Stable Safety ·Long Endurance
·Long Cycle Life ·High Environmental Adaptability
(-20℃ ~ 60℃)

Energy Cell


Smart· Sharing · Unmanned · Mobile

Green travel:

Smart home:

Smart devices:


Provided Battery Support

For Green Travel

Light Weight

Long Endurance


Stable Safety

Quick Charge

Long Cycle Life

High Environmental Adaptability

18650 Perfect Standard Product


BAK is committed in the evolution of replacing

lead-acid battery with lithium battery

of higher capacity and safety.

21700 Increasing Capacity


BAK 21700, more capacity, longer

cruising range and cycle life.