The New Way of Travel
the Clean Energy of BAK Power

BAK Battery provides “Cell Power”, the most important component
of new energy vehicles, leading to better safety, increased mileage,
longer service life, and faster charging speed, and versatility
in extreme temperatures.

Product portfolio

Energy Passenger Vehicles
Based on the 18650 cylindrical battery, with the 21700 cylindrical battery and large square battery,BAK Power is one of the well-known suppliers of batteries to electric automobile vehicle manufacturers in both domestic and overseas markets.

New Energy Truck
Relying on lithium core technologies, BAK Power has been a leader, and continues to exert its influence in the electric commercial vehicle industry. BAK Power provides customized power solutions for electric commercial vehicle vehicles for China’s most promising auto companies, and builds electric micro-facets and split-type automated compartments at low cost and a long battery life. Several series of products including commercial vehicles and European-style vans, are listed in the national catalogue.New energy commercial vehicles: Foton, Lifan Tang Jun, Dayun, Yutong...

New Energy Bus
BAK Power adopts leading NMC technology to provide safe and reliable power battery solutions for commercial buses, city buses, and shuttle buses.

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